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  • A small knowledge of the system structure of an alien creative display screen2017-11-11

     1. System composition description 1) the working principle of LED display and alien creative screen is consistent The function of the full color screen is to reproduce the graphics on
  • LED alien screen photoelectric is worth your choice2017-11-29

    Shenzhen soft screen photoelectric co., LTD. Was established on October 10, 2011. Is a collection research and development, production, service as one of the professional LED electronic display manufa
  • Soft screen photoelectric LED shaped screen opens all over the country2017-11-29

    At present, China's LED property has entered the maturity stage, the development rate has become stable, the skill, the product, the price tends to homogenize, the market competition tends to beco
  • How to heat the LED display screen?2017-11-29

    Along with the coming of summer, the inevitable is hot, everyone also led display also more easy to heat, high temperature can lead to electronic components failure probability increase rapidly, thus
  • Development prospect of special shape LED display screen2017-11-24

    The special shape LED display screen, just as its name implies, changes various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display screen to show different effects. The shape is more original and unique, different from the conventional LED display rectangle, flat shape, and its variety. The special shape LED display can make the characteristic of the new product better adapt to the whole structure and environment of the building, and its size and size can be customized according to the requirements. LED shaped screen the traditional sense of the following four categories: one is the arc display screen display
  • The use of notices and maintenance methods for soft - screen LED displays2017-11-16

    As with traditional electronics, LED electronic displays are required to live longer, not only in the process of use, but also in maintenance of the display screen.
  • Soft screen photoelectric products to install the wiring method step2017-11-07

    Full-color LED display fault has many are caused by improper installation, so the installation need in strict accordance with the steps to operate full-color LED display, especially the installation for the first time, so that we can reduce the error occurred, the soft panel installation of photoelectric has its own products are extremely stringent requirements, take a look at below soft screen photoelectric display when installation, wiring method steps.
  • Chinese brand day is established: the strong heart of Chinese independent brand2017-11-01

    In order to expand the independent brand visibility and influence, on May 2, reply the national development and reform commission of the state council "about the establishment of" China bran
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