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Development prospect of special shape LED display screen

The special shape LED display screen, just as its name implies, changes various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display screen to show different effects. The shape is more original and unique, different from the conventional LED display rectangle, flat shape, and its variety. The special shape LED display can make the characteristic of the new product better adapt to the whole structure and environment of the building, and its size and size can be customized according to the requirements.


The traditional LED special screen has four categories: one is arc shaped display screen: the display surface is a part of cylindrical surface, and the unfolded surface is rectangle. The two is an irregular shape display screen: the display surface is an irregular plane, such as round, spherical or completely irregular plane. Three is the curved surface display screen: the display surface is a three-dimensional surface, such as the sky screen and bending shape. Four is a screen screen: the display surface of the display is composed of a number of root display strips, and this kind of display screen point spacing is larger, the permeability is higher, the contrast is low.


The traditional display of product differentiation is more and more small, it is not easy to get a space for one person. Soft screen in order to avoid again into the homogenization of competition, the transformation of business ideas, to provide customers with creative product design changes, heterosexual screen is one of the directions. This will also be a major trend in the development of LED display industry. LED irregular screen, because of its irregular appearance, meet the designer's creative inspiration, to bring new and unique visual perception of the audience.

Irregular shaped screens are more likely to focus on structural breakthroughs than conventional led displays. Due to the appearance of LED special-shaped screen is different, the structure is not the same, so the technical requirements of the manufacturers are more stringent. If the manufacturer of key technologies, splicing out of the LED screen will whole many problems such as uneven seam because the gap is too large, the splicing surface caused by the discontinuous appearance, thus affecting the viewing effect, undermine the overall design aesthetic. According to the previously LED shaped screen case, enterprises to build a LED profile screen is by using the LED shaped screen module, fully customizable way, but as everyone knows, LED shaped screen product development costs high, enterprise manufacturing LED shaped screen module complex process, inspection process, whether material costs or labor costs than conventional led display.


As a new form of display, special-shaped screen has its unique display charm, and more and more people will realize its superiority in display. With the diversification of products, to meet the personalized needs of customers, more and more users have recognized the special-shaped screen. At present, the domestic LED special screen market is more inclined to the users with special needs. In the past two years, the application scope of special shape screen is gradually expanding, but it is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and squares. For LED enterprises, when doing special-shaped screen products, not necessarily all aspects, everything is complete, but must form their own unique style and characteristics, in order to enhance the enterprise's creative space. In the future, LED special screen will be combined with modern decoration, landscape and lighting and other construction, forming a better city creative display.


In the LED display industry, the current LED conventional display still occupies the main market, and LED special-shaped screen, small spacing and other products, although relatively popular with the market, but its market sales are far from enough. At present, in the LED display industry for many years under the development of precipitation, LED display products have also been timely and change breakthrough development. From direct line to surface sticker, from routine display to creative display, the pace of enterprise product innovation has never stopped. Today, the creative display more and more prosperous, to seize the market opportunities, the main LED shaped screen business in the creative display and playing a new pattern, innovation out of the small pitch LED P2/P2.5/P1.5 spherical and cylindrical shapes screen screen pattern, the formation of a new industry trend.

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