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Soft screen photoelectric products to install the wiring method step

Full-color LED display fault has many are caused by improper installation, so the installation need in strict accordance with the steps to operate full-color LED display, especially the installation for the first time, so that we can reduce the error occurred, the soft panel installation of photoelectric has its own products are extremely stringent requirements, take a look at below soft screen photoelectric display when installation, wiring method steps. 

1. Check the power supply voltage 

Find the dc positive and negative connection switch power supply, connect the 220V power cord to the switching power supply, (confirm the connection is correct, connect to AC or NL terminal post) and plug in the power. Will find the power supply has a lit up, and then use a multimeter, dc gear measuring the voltage between V + and V -, to ensure that the voltage from 4.8 V to 5.1 V, there was a knob, can cross screwdriver to adjust the voltage. In order to reduce the screen febrile extension of life, the voltage can be adjusted to between 4.5v-4.8 in the case of low brightness requirement. After the confirmation voltage is not a problem, disconnect the power and continue to assemble the other parts. 

Turn off the power 

Connect V+ to red line, V- connect black line, connected to control card and LED unit board, black line connect control card and power supply GND. The red line connects the control card with the +5V and the VCC of the cell board. Each unit plate has one power cord. Once completed, check if the connection is correct. 

3. Connection control and unit plate 

Make a good line, connect. Pay attention to the direction, not the reverse. Please note that the interface of the unit plate is 2 16PIN, 1 is input, 1 is output, and close to 74hc245/244 is input, and the control card is connected to the input. The output is connected to the input to the next cell. 

4. Connect the RS232 data line 

Will do a data line connected to the computer DB9 serial port, the other end connection control card, will be 5 feet (brown) connected to the DB9 GND control card, will be 3 feet (brown and white) connected to the DB9 RS232 - RX control card. If your PC doesn't have a serial port, you can buy a USB switch in the computer city for a USB RS232 serial port. 

Check the attachment again 

Is it true that the black wire is connected to -v and GND. The red line is connected by +V and VCC + 5V. 

6. Connect to 220V and open the downloaded software 

Normally, the power lamp is bright, the control card is bright, the screen is displayed. If not, check the attachment. Or check for error checking. Set the screen parameters and send subtitles. Refer to the instructions of the software. 

Above is the soft screen photoelectric wiring installation steps, it is in strict accordance with the above steps to strict training of engineering department staff combined with the quality of the product itself is good, only made of soft screen photoelectric success. 

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