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A small knowledge of the system structure of an alien creative display screen



1. System composition description 

1) the working principle of LED display and alien creative screen is consistent 

The function of the full color screen is to reproduce the graphics on the computer monitor using the principle of the tricolor principle. The three base colors of LED pixels have 1024 gray levels, so each pixel has the ability to combine 1677216 colors. The working mechanism of the screen is to directly map the pixels of the computer monitor screen to the pixel of the LED screen, and the mapping is done by hardware, without any software intermediary. For the use and operation of computer systems, this mapping is completely transparent. 

The control line of the display screen receives the signal from the computer, which makes the LED lattice surface glow by driving the circuit. The display is made up of LED luminescent devices and control circuits, and the entire display consists of the same unit box, which will make the screen installation and maintenance more concise and convenient. 

2) control system 

The electronic display control system designed by our company has functions such as data acquisition, sending receiving, tonal transformation, nonlinear transformation and brightness adjustment. 

3) broadcast control system 

LED display control system is composed of play window and control window. The display window is used to display the contents of LED display screen. The control window is used to control the content and order that needs to be displayed. 

4) control the computer 

With the support of software system, a computer control screen, can be in real time to play on the computer screen is converted into digital signals, to the LED display screen display, so as to synchronously in LED display screen shot of the same picture, and complete the various processing and switching function to display content. 

5) video processing system 

Video information can be displayed on the display screen, and video information is input via video peripherals, such as TV, VCD, DVD player, video recorder, camera, etc. 

6) audio equipment 

Screen after connection power amplifier, speakers, can play music, also can and screen synchronization information such as news, advertising, realization of audio and video synchronization to make screen display more infectious, more sensational effect. 

7) communication systems 

The information shown in this system is the control circuit transferred to the screen after the computer processing, and then displayed on the screen. Other computer peripherals, video peripherals and audio devices are connected to the input terminals of the computer so that the connection of the line is very clear and easy to install, use and maintain. 

8) intelligent power distribution system 

After the stable voltage of the distribution system, according to the rated load, evenly distribute the area of the display screen, providing safe and reliable power supply for the LED display. The distribution system of the display screen adopts the three-phase five-wire system, which is the tn-s power supply mode, and the power distribution cabinet of the display screen should be installed near the screen, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the nearby maintenance. And equipped with special intelligent monitoring system. The external distribution room of the screen attracts power cables to the power distribution cabinet. The input voltage of the distribution cabinet is 380V plus or minus 15%, and the working frequency is 50HZ. 

Due to display system equipment belong to the type transformer starting equipment, large starting current, so for larger screens, power distribution system are designed into several control circuits, to delay starting power and delay, to reduce the screen stop, when sending the impact on the grid. 

This project system distribution USES a combination of radial and trunk type, the distribution, concentration distribution and dispersion maximize the whole distribution system safety, high quality and stability, economic and simple maintenance. In power distribution cabinet is equipped with air switch, fuse, ac contactor, current transformer, voltage transformer, power supply lightning protection device, such as power distribution cabinet is equipped with ammeter, voltmeter, knob switch and lamp, etc. The distribution system has overpressure, overcurrent, underpressure, lack of phase, wave surge, short circuit, break protection and alarm function. It is equipped with the function of stepping delay and step-delay power failure to reduce the impact of the screen stop and power supply. The power distribution cabinet door is equipped with the manual switch of each branch and the circuit breaker status indicator of each branch. The power distribution cabinet controls two control modes for manual and remote control. 

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