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Chinese brand day is established: the strong heart of Chinese independent brand

In order to expand the independent brand visibility and influence, on May 2, reply the national development and reform commission of the state council "about the establishment of" China brand "instruct", agreed to since 2017, will every year on May 10, set up for the "China brand".

Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has been developing rapidly, from a relatively backward developing country, to become the second largest economy in the world. Today's Chinese companies account for about 110 of the world's "top 500" companies. It can be said that China is moving towards world power with its unique steps.

The establishment of Chinese brand day is undoubtedly a strong shot for China's own brand. Soft screen photoelectric company is a scientific research, development, production engineering as one of the high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has steadily promoted the brand image of the company with the spirit of independent innovation. Become a dark horse in the LED industry.

Name recognition: LED top 100 brand

The key to a brand name is brand equity. When you face the customer, you represent the soft screen photoelectric, not your individual. This is a soft screen photoelectric company since its inception, to each of the employees who have joined the soft screen to say. Every employee knows this, as it is, the soft screen every photoelectric client, all impressed the soft screen photoelectric brand, photoelectric soft screen is also to customer first service standards, reputation in the industry significantly increased. Won the "LED screen top ten enterprises", "2016 LED screen top 100 brands" and other honors.


Trust: the customer is god

Customer, is the fundamental that every enterprise relies on, but how many people can be able to do it when the customer is god? If you ask me, I'm sure of answer: "soft screen photoelectric" had so sure thanks to soft screen photoelectric company principle of choose and employ persons, "one former, ability to the second" each choose soft screen photoelectric god, after received the soft screen photoelectric service, all is English. Service enthusiasm, responsible, careful. Multi-angle thinking and recommend appropriate products, do not waste precious time, god don't let god take a points more than necessary, it is deeply trusted by customers, won the large number of god's favor.

Innovation: dare to do it

In this dog-eat-dog market competition have to make the racking their brains thinking of each enterprise survival and development of breakthrough, innovation, every innovation is a blow for other enterprises, the soft panel photoelectric brand, though only set up just a few short years time, but in the meantime create a variety of techniques, but lots of products, and won the national patent certificate. It is precisely these innovative technologies that are perfectly compatible with the products to make the products of soft screen optoelectronics superior to many LED display brands.


Quality: do the basics

Success is not accidental, brand reputation, good service, innovation based on the quality of products, excellent product quality, the other is bullshit, soft screen photoelectric knows this, so the requirement for the quality of their products than in many businesses, determined to achieve high accuracy, high material, high performance, and then into the soft screen photoelectric technology of independent innovation, a sense of control, quality inspection departments can be geared to the needs of customers.

It is the above factors that make the high content of the brand of soft screen photoelectric.

The brand, set up in China, not only to China's independent brand support, help it expand visibility and influence, but also conveys a kind of signal, means that China's independent brands, whatever the industry, will and joint venture or foreign brands expand on real hard power.

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