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Soft screen photoelectric "quality" to make the four kinds of spirit!

Nongfu spring with the slogan: "we don't produce water, we only do a porter" nature, is familiar to the AD, which in the past and earn enough attention for nongfu spring, but also can apply the LED display industry? Obviously not. As the LED display manufacturer, the most taboo is not innovation ability, but just blindly copying. 


But in fact, the work of the LED screen industry "porters" has never been interrupted. 


In recent years, Chinese manufacturing has been moving away from the traditional image of cheap, low-quality products, moving towards the goal of "quality" building power, while manufacturing power is marked by the construction of its brand. According to China's practice and international experience, the construction of the brand building of manufacturing power is inseparable from the support of value guidance and spiritual power. 


Throughout all manufacturing brand development present situation, the key problem is lack of spirit of contract in the spirit, the spirit of craftsman, pioneering spirit, a spirit of unity and cooperation, the resulting lack of faith, shortage of talents, backward technology, a series of problems such as organization aging, loss of brand. 




Spirit of contract: to strengthen the brand with integrity 


Manufacturing in China, the creation of China, is a key first step in the process of making China's creation. The logo created in China is a large number of indigenous brands, but the ownership rate of China's independent brands is only about 25 percent. Long-term since, our country's manufacturing enterprises stronger reliance on foreign technology, patents, brand "to" thinking inertia, which leads to the kinetic energy of the independent brand innovation and imitation technology has become a habit. In order to solve similar problems, it is important to encourage manufacturing enterprises to firmly establish the concept of independent brand. On the other hand, we should try our best to overcome the demand side. The premise of realizing brand independence is to advocate the spirit of contract. 

The western society embodies the integrity of the covenant, through the inheritance and promotion of Judaism and Christianity, and has been integrated into the western cultural tradition. In fact, China's cultural tradition of honest culture predates the west. More than 2,000 years ago, Confucius advocated that we should uphold the traditional culture of honesty and sincerity by advocating "the words of the people, the fruits of our actions" and the "words and phrases" of the idiom, "a thousand words and a thousand gold". In recent years, influenced by cultural diversity, some values distorted, in good faith without fear and the respect they deserve, contented with a material interest, utilitarianism, less the foundation of the spirit of honest. 

With the beginning of China's creation, soft screen photoelectric is also continuously studying innovation, through years of efforts, has developed various new technologies and products and all obtained the exclusive patent certificate. 


Success is not accidental, soft screen photoelectric can in a few short years become a dark horse in the industry its root cause lies in "good faith" 2 words, not to the customer or partners did it ", is never late in keeping an appointment "as it is, the soft screen photoelectric in the customer's eyes is a good faith brand, in the eyes of partners is a sincere partner. 




The spirit of craftsman: the quality is made by special research 


Implement brand made in China mainly has two ways: one is by upgrading to achieve more advanced development of the traditional manufacturing industry, the second is through the important technical innovation has more high-end cutting-edge industry sector. And these cannot be separated from the manufacturing industry, the long - term foundation, also cannot be crossed step. 


From the supply chain process, every link in manufacturing is related to the spirit of the craftsman. The spirit of craftsman, in short, is the concept of the product brand, enterprise brand, and pursuit of excellence. With the rapid development of the economy, some manufacturers are pursuing the immediate benefits of less investment, short periods and quick results, while ignoring the quality and soul of the products. The result is that China has become a byword for shoddy manufacturing, and even the Chinese do not want such products. 


Another consequence of the lack of artisan spirit is the short life of the enterprise. As of 2017, there are 3146 companies in the world with more than 200 years of life expectancy. There are 837 in Germany, 222 in the Netherlands and 196 in France, and the average life of Chinese enterprises is only 2.5 years. 


To change this phenomenon, it is necessary to promote the spirit of craftsman in the whole society, to make it a guarantee of the kernel and product quality of the enterprise culture. But from the current domestic situation analysis, on the one hand, system design ", "thick academic applications, patent conversion rate is low, the lack of system training for practitioners of professional skills, willingness to work in the manufacturing is not high. On the other hand, achieving the goal of making 2025 in China is the superposition of dual tasks, which should be pursued with full force, making the task of recreating the spirit of the craftsman especially burdensome. 


Soft screen photoelectric to avoid become the pronoun of "churn", have been advocates the spirit of craftsman, in the process of product is excellence, self-help brand made of faith, let wisdom develops acme, become an real expert. 




Initiative: to promote and upgrade with innovation 


Chinese-made 2025 goal is to achieve from the manufacturer to the upgrade of manufacturing power in our country, with the aid of industrial scientific invention, through technological progress, will be invented by technologize, the transition into manufacturing development momentum. The key is initiative. Pioneering spirit emphasizes innovation and execution. 


From concept to practice, pioneering spirit is not only the development idea of soft screen photoelectric, but more importantly, it is realized through continuous innovation. In this process, we need to overcome the shortsightedness of the company and improve the execution of innovation. As a result of the improvement of the overall level of photoelectric, a series of innovative policies, innovative systems, and social public opinion are needed to ensure the development of the software. 






Teamwork spirit: to strengthen the strength with cooperation 


The 2025 strategy of China's manufacturing industry is a systematic and holistic project, which requires the cohesion of cohesion and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. In particular, the development of high-end manufacturing industry should focus on high technology, big data, technical information and innovation of the frontier theories of various disciplines. It will require extensive attention from the whole society and the joint efforts of many aspects. It is difficult to adapt to the new trend of technology collaborative innovation under the background of industrial integration, and it is difficult to adapt to the needs of technological innovation environment under the conditions of internationalization competition. 


The power of the "chopsticks spirit" is limited, but the power of a team is limitless. It is this powerful team cohesion that makes the soft screen photoelectric a bright "new star" stand out among the more starry LED brands. Become the brightest star of the north star 





In a word, through the carry forward the spirit of the four, enlarge the influence of innovative culture, will push China into manufacturing power, at the same time will also be accelerate the realization of the booster of chinese-made 2025 strategic objectives. 

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