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Soft screen photoelectric intelligent LED screen, let "smart" leap screen

With the development of The Times, people are no strangers to "urbanization", and the prosperity of modern cities is more common. However, with the further development of China's urbanization, "urban disease" has become more and more prominent. Some people say that one person walks from one Chinese city to another, and sometimes wonders if he is still in the same city. The current sharing of bikes is a great place to live, but some of our urban infrastructure is so poor that there are no bike paths. In addition, environmental pollution, noise pollution and other problems are also outstanding. It can be said that the "monotonous" architectural style between our cities, the various unreasonableness of the urban planning process, the various problems that arise during the operation of the city... All of this has had very serious consequences for our city life. It is in this kind of background that making smart city becomes the inevitable choice for the development of new-type urbanization in China. 


Smart city market size 

It is reported that since 2010, when the concept of the ministry of national living and construction was first pushed to the concept of smart city, the development of smart cities in China has been in full swing. The construction of smart city is a very large system project, and there are a lot of upstream and downstream relationships in the industrial chain. According to the development and deployment of smart cities according to the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, the number of cities to start smart cities and smart cities under construction is expected to be more than 500 in 2017. 

According to forecast of the prospective industry research institute, China's smart city market will exceed 6 trillion yuan in 2017, with an average annual growth rate of about 32 years in the next five years. 64%, the market will reach 18 in 2021. 7 trillion yuan. 

Smart city size is huge, the application potential is immeasurable. From the perspective of industry, the basic wisdom, number and other big data acquisition is the main, which can have a profound impact on other industries. For example, the development of smart cities will lead to the development of IT, Internet of things, advertising media and other industries. 


The opportunities and challenges faced by soft screen photoelectric 

At present, the annual investment of smart cities in China is increasing at a rapid rate, which has entered a full-blown period. This is not a missed opportunity for soft - screen photovoltaics. Therefore, how to get a piece of the wave of smart city construction, nature is also a must answer in front of the soft screen. 

Wisdom city construction is comprehensive, which is closely related to our construction, transportation, education, sports, etc., and these areas, for our LED display enterprise are closely linked. From the application point of view, today's cities, the figure of LED display can be seen everywhere, outdoor advertising, in the field of security video surveillance, transportation systems, urban landmarks and so on, can say we LED display in every field of city life plays a huge role. So there are also people who believe that the function of the largest LED display, does not show that regardless of city development, the LED display just be according to the "job" is ok, what is the wisdom of the city development, and has little to do with yourself. 

Indeed, in terms of display technology, we've been on this piece of soil soft screen photoelectric dedicated to the cultivation, after so many years of development, the soft screen display for photoelectric products have to meet the needs of various applications, and wide praise customers. With the mature of the future small spacing technology, the display will become more and more good, and the application of the optoelectronic LED display will be expanded continuously. 

But the soft screen photoelectric if only meet in pursuit of the display, and not in other ways to keep pace with The Times, follow the trend of The Times development, and constantly improve improve LED display functions, in the process of wisdom, the development of the city, will be in the position of the "left behind". 

Therefore, soft screen photoelectric is continuously pursuing the display effect while also focusing on research and development of "intelligent" and soft screen photoelectric product combination. Three kinds of "intelligent" products have been successfully implemented. 

I. wireless intelligence 

Is so-called "smart" wireless remote control, the technology innovation make the soft panel photoelectric products no longer need to like conventional LED display through the cable to connect the computer to display the image of product, type substitution operation, etc. The above operation can be performed on any computer with wireless wifi access to the LAN connection. Let customers have more convenient and efficient operation mode. 

Ii. Intelligent management of APP 

"APP intelligent management system", it is soft screen photoelectric according to today's "intelligent" boom developed a system, use the system operation, only need to install a intelligent transmission chip in the LED display, then the phone installed APP can perfect the system running, the system can through the mobile phone remote management control, real-time understanding of the product work hours, operating temperature, the brightness adjustment, and so on and so forth. The APP interface is simple and easy to understand, and anyone with administrative authority can control it. 


Three, macro 

The "macro definition" is "pre-set", which is to do everything in advance and make it complete automatically. This technology can make choose soft screen photoelectric LED clients save a lot of time, because the technology need to set up a good image or video display the time in advance and replaced by the next display images or video and a series of operations. Click save run after the soft screen photoelectric LED display will be able to automatically process according to the customer Settings, one step in place. 

Skyscrapers converge into a city, not only is the representation of architecture and visual, constitute a "wisdom city" is like a light as a feather leaves under the microscope, the overall look simple, but the internal structure is complex, all-encompassing, each element and component of the intelligent development, to make the so-called "wisdom city" title. For the development of "smart city", soft screen is also closely followed by "smart LED display" development. We make the LED display industry to render the modern advanced colors of intelligence, and the spark of The Times, let the LED display can also have "intelligent" performance. This is not a simple LED display, but a "black technology with display functionality". In the age of "wisdom", LED displays need to have "intelligent" functions and management practices in addition to their regular display functions. Tightly so that we can make the industry is not left behind, keep up with the pace of the intelligent, become a present "wisdom" in the city of wisdom, let people use the window to the soul, to witness the development of the era, the era of progress! 

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