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Soft screen photoelectric LED shaped screen opens all over the country

At present, China's LED property has entered the maturity stage, the development rate has become stable, the skill, the product, the price tends to homogenize, the market competition tends to become white heat. 


The annual investment of smart cities in China is increasing at a rapid rate and has entered into a full and full period. This is not a missed opportunity for ball-shaped LED display screens. In order to get a piece of the sea tide in the smart city construction, natural has become a must answer in the LED display industry. Because of the different appearance and different structure of LED, the technology of the manufacturer is also more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology does not pass, patchwork of LED screen will by flat-fell seam clearance is too large, joining together the appearance of the surface discontinuity caused by uneven, and many other problems, which affect viewing effect, destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design. And more importantly, the design of the circuit and structure of LED heteromorphic screen is complex, and the installation difficulty is relatively high, which raises high requirements for the r&d ability and installation accuracy of the manufacturers. 



Aiming at this problem, the soft panel photoelectric specially developed ball screen, cylindrical, triangle, trapezoid, circular, parallelogram, such as various special-shaped module, can you spell synthetic wave screen, screen, screen, circular arc screen sector, cone screen, spherical screen, screen, of diamond shapes of drill shiping, regular or irregular geometry LED display. And formed a professional construction team composed entirely of the technical elites of the industry. To ensure that the project can be constructed in accordance with the design drawings in order to achieve the desired design effect. 


Soft screen photoelectric LED ball display fields excellences, LED abnormity screen - ball screen won recognition from domestic and international exhibition center and large shopping mall, and successful application of the ball will generally widely used in shopping malls, exhibition hall, and other fields. 

All in all, the development of LED variant screens is promising, and the market will be more subdivided and will continue to be a profit growth point for sustainable development for some time to come. 

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