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LED alien screen photoelectric is worth your choice

Shenzhen soft screen photoelectric co., LTD. Was established on October 10, 2011. Is a collection research and development, production, service as one of the professional LED electronic display manufacturing enterprises, the company by a group of LED industry veteran who combined into strong technology research and development department, modernized production base and strong sales team, in line with \ "strives for realism the innovation, honesty, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development," business philosophy with a large number of partners to establish a good and stable relations of cooperation, but also created a remarkable social and economic benefits. Product model complete specifications and reasonable price, widely used in TV studio, stock exchange, transportation, health care, sports venues, factories, etc. Is a professional custom production difficult special-shaped LED display company, from the appearance design, structure design, circuit design, software customization services of high-tech enterprises. We focus on product design and development and have years of experience in LED display. We have been entrusted by several enterprises at home and abroad to design hundreds of new products and improve the original products. Products involve commercial LED advertising screens, electronic CARDS, spherical screens, etc. Whole process of product design concept, from product design planning - product design - product design - model assembly - production follow up - packaging plane, build becomes our solid process for the design of the service system. Customers can get a one-stop product design service from us. Through our efforts, we have created higher value for our customers. Based in shenzhen and serving the whole country, we have established a perfect service sales network, and the products are sold to more than 20 provinces in China and more than 50 countries and regions in Europe and Asia. 


After-sales service 

Our company has a professional after-sales department, inspection on the LED display to use maintenance and tracking, timely understand the using status of screen and customer demand, can save a lot of problems for customers to ensure the normal operation of display. Our engineering department has 13 senior engineers and more than 10 professional technicians. Also in major cities and the country dozens of enterprises established long-term strategic cooperative relations, can ensure that responded to the requirements of the customer put forward technical support at any time, in the shortest possible time to solve the problem, troubleshooting, make the display effect is best 

Company was set up for many years, through many years of product development case has accumulated rich experience in product development, relying on the Yangtze river delta region complete industry chain, we have all kinds of processing technology of the mainstream,. Is committed to become the LED display screen one-stop product design and development in the field of alien institutions. 

Our advantage: "soft screen photoelectric" with the product cost effective and considerate service system advantage, base on the market, and the advantage of LED heterotype product is soft screen to the customer the most perfect to treat! Soft screen to stabilize and improve the quality system as the root of the enterprise, to ensure full compliance with international quality standards of products produced, meet the needs of users for the guidelines, so soft screen is a combination of technical support quality quality control system of type; The process of realizing the product is fully guaranteed. 

Brand advantages: 

The brand image of soft screen photoelectric is established in customer word of mouth. The product is satisfied and the service is considerate, with "customer as the center" is the most tenacious safeguard of the soft screen photoelectric brand. 

Research and development advantages: 

Soft screen photoelectric products according to different application environment, the establishment of the product appearance design, circuit integration, product development, such as targeted at the core of research and development center, has a professional team of engineers, can guarantee the product the technology advancement and sustainable development ability. 

Product advantages: 

Soft screen photoelectric is one of the brands that have the design, production capacity and design ability of LED hetero-type soft module. Special soft module directly by magnets, before and after the late maintenance simple soft screen photoelectric product design "to customer demand" for the idea, to build the most competitive LED series products 

Export advantages: 

Soft screen photoelectric heterotypic LED screen series products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, including the Middle East region's exports accounted for 60% of the total, are widely used in advertising media, entertainment, exhibition halls, shopping malls, finance, and other fields. 




Product positioning: 

The soft screen photoelectric insists on the high quality route, the production of high - grade LED heterotype series products, the pursuit of product stability and operation convenience; 


Our service principle: use the best products, provide the best service, do the best project! 

Our promise: to provide customers with the best pre-sale, sale and after-sales service! 

Our philosophy: integrity, service and devotion! 

Our service tenet: high efficiency professional, quality first! 

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