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  • Development prospect of special shape LED display screen2017-11-24

    The special shape LED display screen, just as its name implies, changes various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display screen to show different effects. The shape is more original and unique, different from the conventional LED display rectangle, flat shape, and its variety. The special shape LED display can make the characteristic of the new product better adapt to the whole structure and environment of the building, and its size and size can be customized according to the requirements. LED shaped screen the traditional sense of the following four categories: one is the arc display screen display
  • Chinese brand day is established: the strong heart of Chinese independent brand2017-11-01

    In order to expand the independent brand visibility and influence, on May 2, reply the national development and reform commission of the state council "about the establishment of" China bran
  • Soft screen photoelectric intelligent LED screen, let "smart" leap screen2017-10-13

    With the development of The Times, people are no strangers to "urbanization", and the prosperity of modern cities is more common. However, with the further development of China's urbaniz
  • How do you judge the quality of an LED display? 9 great skill easily choose the screen!2017-10-13

    I. brightness: Maximum brightness refers to the brightness of each base color of the LED display at the highest grayscale and maximum brightness. In a nutshell, use the software to set the bright
  • Soft led modular assembly of ball led2017-09-14

    Shenzhen soft screen photoelectric co., LTD. Was established on October 10, 2011. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and service as one of the professional LED electronic disp
  • Soft screen photoelectric "quality" to make the four kinds of spirit!2017-08-18

    Nongfu spring with the slogan: "we don't produce water, we only do a porter" nature, is familiar to the AD, which in the past and earn enough attention for nongfu spring, but also can ap
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