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LED Encyclopedia

  • A small knowledge of the system structure of an alien creative display screen2017-11-11

     1. System composition description 1) the working principle of LED display and alien creative screen is consistent The function of the full color screen is to reproduce the graphics on
  • How to heat the LED display screen?2017-11-29

    Along with the coming of summer, the inevitable is hot, everyone also led display also more easy to heat, high temperature can lead to electronic components failure probability increase rapidly, thus
  • The use of notices and maintenance methods for soft - screen LED displays2017-11-16

    As with traditional electronics, LED electronic displays are required to live longer, not only in the process of use, but also in maintenance of the display screen.
  • Soft screen photoelectric products to install the wiring method step2017-11-07

    Full-color LED display fault has many are caused by improper installation, so the installation need in strict accordance with the steps to operate full-color LED display, especially the installation for the first time, so that we can reduce the error occurred, the soft panel installation of photoelectric has its own products are extremely stringent requirements, take a look at below soft screen photoelectric display when installation, wiring method steps.
  • What are the benefits of cooling and cooling for LED displays?2017-11-01

    Whether it is an indoor LED screen or an outdoor LED full screen, the heat generated in the process will lead to a rise in the temperature of the LED display. Normally, indoor LED displays can naturally dissipate heat due to low brightness. However, the outdoor LED advertising screen, due to its high brightness and heat, needs to be cooled by air conditioning or axial fan. Since the LED display belongs to the electronic products, the temperature rise will affect the light failure of the LED display lights, the work efficiency of the driving IC and the life of the LED display.
  • How to properly maintain the power supply of the three-volt LED display screen in barbecue mode2017-07-12

    Today, with high fever across the country, The hottest days of the year are under way. South and south have entered the "barbecue mode".
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